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Printed materials

Online shop with digitally printed natural and knitted fabrics as well as custom-printed sweatshirts and T-shirts in the selected pattern

Woven and knitted fabrics

All fabrics and knitted fabrics available in our store are digitally printed using the most modern printing machines pigment printing.

And who are our fabrics perfect for?

For sewing enthusiasts
  • If you want the things you sew to be unique
  • If you want them to be of the highest quality and safe for children
  • If you don't want the patterns you use to be everywhere and for everyone
  • If you are looking for a place where your creativity and individuality will finally be understood

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For textile brands
  • If you are looking for unique and picturesque designs
  • If the highest quality and safety certificates are important to you
  • If you want your products to be completely different from the competition
  • If you produce unique baby bedding, clothes, home textiles

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For designers and interior decorators
  • If you have a vision of textiles in projected interiors
  • If you are fed up with the fact that it cannot be realized 100% due to the lack of a suitable textile offer
  • If you want the interiors designed by you to be remembered and delightful thanks to perfectly matched textiles

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For pattern designers
  • If you are an illustrator, graphic designer, draftsman and you design patterns for printing
  • If you have an artistic flair and want to express yourself through clothing and accessories with a self-designed pattern
  • If you want to monetize your creative activity by selling accessories and textiles with your own designs

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What if you can't sew?

Use our unique app for designing sweatshirts and t-shirts using our 2000+ gorgeous designs or your own artwork!

Get to know our fabrics and knitwear


You will find as many as 6 cotton fabrics and knitted fabrics:

  • premium cotton (cotton satin)
  • decorative cotton (home decor type)
  • single-type cotton knit (for T-shirts)
  • brushed sweatshirt knit (baja)
  • knit sweatshirt loop
  • standard cotton (linen)


Viscose jersey is a perfectly soft and highly stretchable fabric, perfect for summer thanks to its breathability. Perfect for sewing dresses, blouses and even leggings!

knitting wool

100% linen fabric, with a typical linen weave with irregular threads, perfect for dresses, skirts, tunics and shirts, and even for summer coats!


Extremely soft and delicate 100% bamboo viscose, softly draping and even flowing, ideal not only for accessories for babies due to the unique properties of bamboo, but also for airy blouses, dresses and skirts.

Waterproof fabric

The only fabric in our offer that is not natural, but made of polyester - only such fabric is able to impede water, so you can sew make-up bags, cases, backpacks, bags, cushion covers for the terrace, etc.

See up close

See how soft our fabrics are and how they fit, as well as what the patterns printed on them look like in real life:

Recent collections

We present a collection of patterns that you can print on your chosen fabric or knitwear, as well as on any of our clothes!

Paulina Szewczyk-Sulej collection

Paulina Szewczyk-Sulej collection

We present a collection created by a designer collaborating with us, Paulina Szewczyk-Sulej. The collection consists of 9 designs, each of which is available in 5 color variants, i.e. a total of 45 options to choose from...

Pantone Viva Magenta Collection

Pantone Viva Magenta Collection

The "Pantone Viva Magenta" collection by House of Cotton is a line of cotton fabrics with printed patterns in a shade of magenta: red colored with amaranth. Viva Magenta is a shade of magenta, which is an intense and vivid shade of...

Pop art collection

Pop art collection

The Pop-art collection includes designs from the post-war, pop culture, comic and PinUp styles. You will find both typical abstract pop art mosaics as well as comic-book motifs along with superheroes like ...

Pantone Vera Peri Collection

Pantone Vera Peri Collection

Our Very Peri Collection is inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year 2022. Here you will find designs with this cool and interesting shade of purple with a strong blue tinge. The patterns in the collection come in several styles - everyone will find something ...

Children's room collection

Children's room collection

The Children's Room (Nursery) collection was created for a cozy, warm and adventurous children's room, which we all dreamed of as a child. Here you will find delicate, pastel and soothing patterns. So that they do not knock out ...

Hygge collection

Hygge collection

I present to you the Hygge Collection, which will provide you with the much-needed and awaited dose of blissful relaxation. Prepare your favorite coffee or tea and hide under a warm blanket. What could be better during the long autumn and ...

Forest collection

Forest collection

In the Forest Collection you will find patterns close to nature, fragrant with forest and leaves that will take you to the bosom of nature. And in a different style: 💚 Scandinavian, with charming stylized deer 💚 boho, with rich floral decorations with ...

Alphabet collection

Alphabet collection

In this collection of digitally printed fabrics and knits you will find patterns with letters of the alphabet. Some show the alphabet one after another, in neat rows, and on others you will find letters scattered randomly. The letters of the alphabet ...

Delicate Flowers Collection

Delicate Flowers Collection

Our Delicate Flowers Collection was created for warm summer days, when meadows and fields bend under the weight of colorful flowers. In the meadow you will find blue and yellow flowers, wild roses, herbs and tasty berries. AND...

Create your own style

The most eye-catching element is patternand then the cut!

Give your belongings a unique character and join the sewing community of the House of Cotton or, if you cannot sew, design a ready-made sweatshirt or T-shirt

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