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We present a collection created by a designer collaborating with us, Paulina Szewczyk-Sulej.

The collection consists of 9 designs, each of which is available in 5 color variants, i.e. a total of 45 options for you to choose from!

Paulina graduated from the Faculty Textile Design and Interior Styling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. She designs patterns for fabrics and is a passionate and energetic person who constantly poses new creative challenges.

He is also interested in the reconstruction of historical costumes, old fashion, interior design, nature and a healthy lifestyle.

Meadow of Wildflowers

The "Meadow of Wild Flowers" pattern brings back good summer memories of carefree holidays spent in the countryside.

It is associated with blissful peace, warmth and rest.

I am always amazed by the clusters of wild flowers in the meadows, the multitude of colors, the variety of shapes and species.

I really wanted to convey my own observations and the feelings accompanying them in an illustrative way.

The colors of the design are light and pastel with vivid elements and color accents.

It will be a good choice for both clothing fabric for women and girls.

It is also perfect as a fabric for interior design: for a living room, bedroom, children's room, boho, Provencal, eco/bio style garden and any space that we want to liven up a bit with a colorful addition with a natural motif.


The pattern was created out of personal interest in wild nature growing in places that are difficult to access for humans.

It is a kind of imagination that I have not yet had the opportunity to see with my own eyes.

It is a colorful illustration about an unspoilt space where you can find exotic plants, flowers and fairy-tale birds.

The design is dominated by green-blue tones interspersed with warm shades of yellow, orange and purple-pink spots.

The "Jungla" pattern is joyful, energetic and evokes positive emotions. It is perfect for women's summer dresses, shirts, blouses and accessories, as well as men's, youth and children's T-shirts.

It will be a great choice for decorating bold, colorful interiors in the form of bedding, curtains or pillows, as well as more subdued rooms.

Herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence is a spice I like and often use.

I decided to focus on what is included in such a mixture, look at each plant separately and dress them all in one pattern with versatile uses.

My goal was to thoroughly analyze individual herbs and carefully observe the individual features of their structure.

The resulting pattern is very delicate and pastel.

Various shades of green predominate, so lovers of this color will find something for themselves here.

The "Herbs of Provence" pattern will be an excellent choice for decorating both the kitchen (curtains, tablecloth, table runner), as well as the living room or children's room in the Provencal, boho, eco/organic style.

It can also be used as a clothing fabric for people who care about nature.

Tatra tourist

The pattern was created out of love for mountain hiking in the Polish Tatra Mountains.

Many times, while packing the necessary sports equipment for a trip, I thought to myself that I would like to draw an illustration that would tell a certain personal tourist story.

Thanks to this need, I created the monochromatic pattern "Tatra Tourist", which is doubly close to me because I illustrated the equipment that I always take with me when climbing.

The original colors are black and white, but I expanded the palette with a few additional background colors, while maintaining the black line of the drawing.

The pattern will be perfect for mountain tourism enthusiasts on T-shirts, sweatshirts, and various types of accessories for women, men and teenagers.

It would also look good on small textile interior accessories, e.g. decorative pillows.

It will work well in youthful, modern interiors and in any interior that needs a graphic accent.

Apple blossom

The pattern was created out of love for Nature. It is inspired by the magic of an apple tree blooming in spring, its sweet scent and its ephemerality and delicacy.

In the pattern we can see both powder-pink flowers in full bloom and undeveloped buds with leaves.

The colors of the pattern are pastel and subdued, thanks to which it is associated with lightness, girlishness and romance.

When designing this pattern, I wanted to show the beauty and personal admiration of the phenomenon of emerging nature.

My desire was also to keep this memory longer by being able to place the illustration on the fabric.

Pattern "Apple Blossom" will work great both as an interior design material (bedding, curtains, decorative pillows) and as a clothing fabric for women and girls (T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, dresses).

It will perfectly complement Provencal, boho, eco/bio style interiors, such as a children's room.

Grateful bunnies

When designing this pattern, I fulfilled my childhood dream of a pattern with a favorite pet motif.

I focused on showing each bunny performing a different activity while maintaining the illustrative nature of the drawing and a slightly fairy-tale style.

I wanted the pattern to evoke pleasant associations for both children and adults.

The colors of the design are delicate, light and pastel.

White, rosy bunnies are shown on several background colors.

The pattern will fit very well with a bright children's interior, but will also complement slightly more expressive ones.

It is ideal for bedding, pillows, toy baskets, organizers for decorating the rooms of children of different ages, but it is also great for clothes.

Monochrome Leaves

The idea for the "Monochrome Leaves" pattern began with an adventure with growing potted plants.

One day, a climbing Scindapsus pictus caught my attention due to the nice shape of its leaves and the original discoloration on them.

I decided to draw a leafy thicket graphically and focus on the details characteristic of this plant.

The first version of the design is monochrome with a black drawing on a white background. Additionally, a series with greenish background shades and grey-green drawings was also created.

The pattern will be an ideal choice for people who love nature and like slightly more subdued compositions.

It can be used both on clothing for women and men - dresses, shirts, T-shirts, and as interior accessories: pillows, curtains, bedding, upholstery fabric, accessories.

It will fit into bio/eco style interiors and in rooms that need subdued but at the same time expressive natural accents and patterns.


The inspiration to draw the pattern came from a visit to the market, where I noticed a multitude of plum varieties and colors. 

I really liked this view and decided to capture it in my own artistic way using crayons on paper. 

I focused on keeping the design light and sketchy while capturing an interesting play of colors.

The resulting plum pattern is cheerful, full of juicy colors, and shows the fruit in an illustrative style.

It works well both for clothing fabrics for adults and children, and as an interior decoration for textile objects, e.g. pillowcases, bedding, tablecloth.

It will harmonize with an energetic interior, but it will also work great in subdued rooms that require a bit of liveliness.

Wild Rose

When designing this pattern, I focused on my own observations of nature.

I really like walking outside the city and analyzing what I encounter on my way.

I am enchanted by the delicacy of the petals, the beauty of the form and the colors of wild roses and their fruits.

While drawing, I focused on capturing the characteristic thicket and form of the plant.

I decided on very subtle, light colors that will be suitable both for women's clothing fabric and for interior design for adults and children, i.e. pillows, curtains, bedding.

The pattern will perfectly match the interior in the boho, Provencal, bio/eco style and with any natural room that the pattern will beautifully complement.

Get inspired by the combinations of patterns and examples of their use: