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About me

What did I want?

I founded House of Cotton in 2012. I became an enthusiast of sewing, which my mother infected me with, who sewed patchwork in Poland during the communes, even though no one here knew what it was! Inspired by blogs and Pinterest, I wanted to be able to sew from natural materials, but those that would be child-friendly (already then I was a mother of a daughter and waited for my son to be born), and also beautiful and colorful.

What couldn't I find?

Unfortunately, the reality of stationary haberdashery was far from my expectations: a choice of dark suit fabrics or silks at cosmic prices. On the Internet, you could get American cotton from well-known designers, but its prices are prohibitive and, in fact, the cost of money and labor involved in sewing a garment or blanket made of such material exceeds the store prices of ready-made, often really tasteful, products.

What was my dream?

That is why I decided that maybe there are more people like me who need beautiful fabrics printed with cute patterns, which at the same time will not ruin their pockets. Which will not be signed with famous names, but will be of equally good quality. So I founded the House of Cotton, although at the beginning it was very difficult to find the suppliers I wanted. But it worked, and over time, there were more and more patterns, and more and more customers were happy that they could shop with me.

What do I want now?

Currently, over 20 Polish women make regular purchases in my store, and customers from all over the world, including Australia! The team has grown to a few people, and all of them are equally committed to ensuring that the fabrics that reach you are of good quality, cut evenly and safely packed. For each of you to smile widely after unpacking the package from House of Cotton. To make you enjoy it, it is included in the order for free. That you would like to come back for more and encourage your friends to do so 🙂

I invite you to the store and I wish you great satisfaction with your purchases,

Dorota Puchlew-Grzelak