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Find your dream pattern

If you care about a pattern with a specific theme, you've come to the right place!

Here you will find patterns for every occasion, grouped by topic:

Seasonal patterns

Choice of patterns related to seasons, holiday periods or events that recur cyclically.

Plant patterns

Beautiful, colorful, richly decorated, painted with panache and economical, simple and monochrome - floral patterns in all styles and varieties.

Geometric patterns

Traditional dots and stripes, Scandinavian abstract patterns and picturesque watercolor patterns: here you will find a wealth of geometric patterns.

Sailor patterns

The collection of nautical patterns includes anchors, sea creatures, sailing ships and compasses, in watercolor, retro and drawing styles for the little ones.

Ethnic patterns

You will find folk, Indian, boho, oriental, Indian, African and many other patterns here.

Children's patterns

Patterns for girls and boys, for toddlers and older children. You will find cute animals and patterns related to the interests of the youngest.

Animal patterns

Here you will find original patterns with animals from around the world, presented in a variety of styles: from painted with watercolors to geometric patterns.

Patterns with food

Designs to stimulate the appetite and imagination: from healthy vegetables and fruits to delicious sweet cupcakes and ice cream.

Tropical patterns

Fantastic tropical designs that get hotter straight away! Meet our toucans, flamingos and make your way through tropical monsters and cacti!

Patterns from hobbies

A collection for lovers of various activities: from sewing and other needlework, through cycling, to mountain climbing.