Download the e-book "8 steps towards higer sale"

And grow your textile brand!

💚 You create unique items, put your whole heart into them, but the sales are not as high as you expect?

💚 You think that you can't sell because you know sewing, not marketing?

💚 You don't understand why the world doesn't appreciate it your efforts and think your prices should be like in chain stores?

💚 You don't know how to communicate to attract ideal customers?

💚 You want your passion-business to finally start earn money for you?

💚 Your business does earn money, but you feel that its potential is much higher and you want to bring it to another level?

💚 You already know how to start a textile company, but now you need assistance in growing it?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions,

then this e-book is for you!


you will learn how to successfully grow your textile brand in 8 steps.

You will learn:

✅ how to plan a brand growth strategy

✅ how to research the market and find yours ideal customers

✅ how to communicate in order to reach exactly your ideal target group

✅ how to attract and engage potential customers

✅ how to make customers come back for more purchases

✅ how to stand out from the crowd of textile brands

✅ how to purchase the competition.


Wer bin ich?

My name is Dorota Puchlew-Grzelak and I have been running the House of Cotton store for over 8 years.

I observe the development of the textile market in Poland on a daily basis and help owners of small textile brands in growing their businesses.

My clients are small companies that sew bedding, clothes, toys, accessories for children, for adults, for pets and home decorations.

I have been interested in internet marketing for years, read a lot of books about it, listened to many podcasts and completed a number of courses.

But I have not found courses for textile brands anywhere.

There are tons of courses on how to do the courses. But about clothing and children's brands, accessories?


That's why I decided to write this e-book for you!