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An excerpt from the e-book:


"What usually limits us the most is ourselves.

We believe that, by definition, we should give ourselves to others: husbands, children, employers, parents, parents-in-law, friends, neighbors - the list is endless.

We are there for you when your child remembers in the evening that you have to bring plasticine to school tomorrow, and it's over. When you have to drive to class across town, then come back and pick up the outfit your child has forgotten. When the husband announces that he is going on business in the evening, you have to hug the children yourself, cleaning with one hand and cooking dinner for tomorrow with the other. When the cat is sick and only you are able to give him medication. When your boss on Friday afternoon gives you a report to write for Monday ..."

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“Thank you very much for the e-book, he reminded me that everyone needs a moment for themselves and I deserve it too. I introduce the method of small steps and planning specific activities for a given day, because in my opinion, with limited time for sewing, it is a great solution and so far it works. Thanks to this, in 3 days I made a skirt and pajamas for my daughterwhich is a great success for me because I haven't sat at the machine for half a year. It turned out that I am able to find time for sewing i I am able to sew with children. Thank you very much for your inspiration and motivation. "



“Mrs. Dorothy, thank you very much for your valuable tips. So far I have blamed myself many times for not being able to organize my own time (or at least enough time) for sewing. After reading your e-book with valuable tips, it dawned on me that it is enough to set the stages for yourself, small, bigger, but adjusted to the rhythm of other duties. Now I am trying to implement it. I sit down to sew or do other work (crochet hooks, knitting needles, etc.) at the beginning I define what stage I will do today or how much time I can spend on it. "



“I have read the e-book in one breath and thank you very much for such an accurate summary of the topic. I realized that I was wasting a lot of time, and that was where I could sew. I use planning as it was written in the book - I break everything down into points and slowly implement it step by step. "

Dorota Puchlew-Grzelak

Dorota Puchlew-Grzelak

author of the e-book

I sew as a hobby and run a fabric shop professionally 🙂 I am also a mother of two rascals, whom I educate at home. So I have a limited amount of time at my disposal, and yet I think that there is always more to spare for what you love, if that's what you want!