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Most frequently asked questions

Please read the answers to frequently asked questions before contacting us - this way we will be able to handle your orders faster, instead of writing the same answers in e-mails 😉
When will i receive my order?

The shipping time for orders is extended as all orders are printed individually. We do not have products in stock, we only produce as needed, in line with the zero waste philosophy.
Delays can now occur due to the reduced manpower and shipping requirements.

At the time of shipment (issuing the label), you will receive an e-mail that the order is ready for shipment and is waiting for the courier.
When the order is picked up by the courier, you will also receive an e-mail that the package is on its way.

I am not able to influence the order queue in the printing house, so there is no point in writing and calling to speed up the order. It is impossible.

Considering the time it takes to ship orders, please make purchases in advance 🙂

Automatic payment has failed. How can I pay for my order?
In the absence of automatic payment, please make a traditional transfer. Details for the transfer can be found here:

Can I add something to the order?

If you are placing another order shortly after the previous one, this is an option. 

Then select "Order for the previous order" as the form of delivery and be sure to enter the number of the previous order.

If the previous order number is not provided or the payment is made too late, when the first order has already been shipped, the second order will not be shipped until we receive a surcharge for its shipment.

Can I get samples?

It is now possible to order samples!

Use ours personalizer for fabrics and knitted fabrics and order several (or a dozen!) patterns on one piece of fabric.

Here you will find instructions for ordering samples.

Can I print my own pattern, graphic or photo?

We offer the option of printing your own pattern, select the type of material and number of pieces here:


Send us a report file by e-mail in the resolution of 200-300 dpi and in the size that should be on the printout. Preferably in png or tiff format, or in jpg. RGB 8bit mode.

Take into account that the width of the fabric is not the same as the width of the print: you should put about 10 cm on the so-called bleeds.

Is the fabric Oeko-Tex certified? Is there organic cotton?

All fabrics and knitwear we offer have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate (safe for children and babies).

Digital printing is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS, organic production).

At the moment, however, we do not offer fabrics or knitted fabrics that would be organic in themselves, i.e. have the GOTS certificate.

What is the width of the fabric / knitted fabric?
Data on the weight and width of fabrics can be found on the card of each product in the Additional information tab (under the photo).
What is the recipe for washing materials?

All our fabrics and knitted fabrics with patterns are printed by digital printing, which means that there is a layer of pigment in the places where the print is made.

Therefore, under no circumstances can they be constrained locally, rubbed or scrubbed, because the print will simply be damaged.

In addition, they should be washed preferably at 40 degrees, because the print is WASHING ISO at 40 degrees with a score of 5/5. For 60 degrees, the score is 4/5, which means that after many washes at 60 degrees, the print may start to wash out slightly.

We recommend that you dry them flat, without creasing, and take them out of the washing machine immediately after washing. We do not recommend tumble drying, but we would not recommend this for any type of fabric or knit 🙂

Ironing for 2 dots.

We strongly advise against using bleach wyb

Does the fabric need to be steamed before sewing?

All our fabrics are made of cotton or viscose, and both of these raw materials shrink in the wash, so you should put a 10% reserve and steaming before sewing.

What are the wholesale prices? Can I get a discount?

Wholesale prices:
5% from the store price when buying from 20 m.
10% from 125 m
15% from 300 m

Discounts are calculated automatically in the cart.

In addition, for orders over PLN 300, shipping is free within Poland.