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W Forest Collection you will find patterns close to nature, fragrant with forest and leaves that will take you to the bosom of nature.

And in a different style:

💚 Scandinavian, with charming stylized deer

💚 boho, with rich floral ornaments with colorful feathers

💚 watercolor in a nostalgic, atmospheric mood 

💚 watercolor in a cheerful and children's edition

Patterns from this unique collection will take you to the forest in the season of your choice - you will go there in the fall 🍂, Czy in winter❄?

Click on the selected pattern to see which pattern textiles i knitwear we offer it:

Forest Portraits

Scandinavian Roe-deers

Autumn forest

Winter forest

Forest animals

Forest Friends

Forest Boho

Get inspired by our combinations and configurations of fabrics and knitted fabrics in the Forest Collection:

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