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Types of fabrics and knitted fabrics available

In the House of Cotton store, there are over 2000 beautiful patterns printed for you, currently on 9 types of fabrics:

1. cotton satin (premium cotton)

2. decorative fabric (thick premium cotton)

3. brushed sweatshirt

4. loop sweatshirt

5. cotton jersey

6. Viscose knitted fabric

7. standard cotton (sheeting)

and recently

8. 100% linen fabric

9. 100% bamboo fabric

10. waterproof fabric

Printing your own design

In addition to the patterns in our offer, you can also order your own pattern that you designed, you bought one that your husband or child designed, and you can also print a photo or drawing of your child!

Pattern change from our library

You can also resize or rotate one of our designs from the library.

Here's how to do it:

Here you'll find fabric personalization tool.

Ordering samples

Thanks to the new personalizer functionalities, you can also create your own sampler! 

You are able to put many patterns on one piece of fabric - your own or from our library.

Have fun!