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In this collection digitally printed woven and knitted fabrics you will find patterns with letters alphabet. Some show the alphabet one after another, in neat rows, and on others you will find letters scattered randomly.

The letters of the alphabet themselves are digitally printed at your request in different styles, depending on the formula:

  • patterns watercolor, flowery, full of panache, splendor and romance
  • patterns in style ethnic, folk i Scandinavian - suitable for interiors in a fashionable style scandi as well as eclectic and modern
  • calligraphic patterns in a trendy style letteringthat look as if someone is calling the letters directly onto the fabric
  • precise patterns, beautifully cut and elegant, with a clear serif font and delicately, even intricately cut floral motifs in the style Art Nouveau.

Click on the pattern you choose to choose the fabric on which you want to order it. You have a choice woven and knitted cotton fabrics, viscose and bamboo i len - perfect for sewing virtually everything from baby girl dresses to elegant cocktail dresses to bedding, curtains and other home textiles.

Get inspired by the pattern combinations we suggest: