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collection of delicate flowers, cotton, linen, bamboo, viscose
flower dress, cotton, linen, bamboo, viscose
fabrics for sewing floral patterns
Premium cotton linen dress with flowers
linen satin cotton linen 100% flowers
Rainbow flowers sweatshirt

Our  Delicate Flowers Collection was created for warm summer days, when meadows and fields are bent under the weight of colorful flowers.

In the meadow you will find blue and yellow flowers, wild roses, herbs and tasty berries. All of this is flavored with a sweet scent wafting along with the wind.

Invite summer to your home - let wild flowers bloom not only in your vase, but also on your clothes. Wherever you want.

Original designs will delight many lovers of the boho style and country slow life.

Compose the bouquet you dream about.

Click on the selected pattern to see which pattern textiles i knitwear we offer it:

Red Meadow

Pastel Meadow

Rose Meadow

The Blue Meadow

Graphite meadow

Flowers in the colors of the Earth

Dried flowers

See how the patterns from this collection look live when printed on 100% linen fabric:

Get inspired by our combinations and configurations of fabrics and knitted fabrics in the Delicate Flowers Collection: