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Unique, romantic and picturesque Wild Flowers Collection consists of watercolor patterns with wildflowers: poppies, rudbeckie, daisies, bells, snowdrops, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, buttercups, cosmos, mallow, vetch and pansies. Beware of the Poison Spotted Ox! 😉

Patterns are digitally printed to order, in line with our philosophy zero waste: We only produce as much as you need!

wild flowers pattern

A choice of 6 types of fabrics and knitted fabrics: cotton satin (premium cotton), cotton knit (single jersey), viscose knit with elastane, thick cotton decorative home decor, knitwear sweatshirt scratched and looped.

Click on the selected pattern to choose the material:

Combine patterns freely, creating unique compositions, dresses, bags, quilts or decorative pillow sets. Get inspired with the sample sets we have created: