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Collection of patterns watercolor, children's, like boho, cute and illustrative.

It consists of 4 mini-collections:

🦊 watercolor sleeping animals and clouds: deer, foxes, bunnies, teddy bears, raccoons

🦝 watercolor animals in the style of boho: deer, teddy bears, foxes, raccoons, owls, bunnies, hedgehogs

🐇 picturesque and fairy-tale animals in a forest clearing: deer, hares and birds

🦅 illustrative and majestic forest animals: squirrels, pheasants, hares and hawks

Designs are digitally printed on textiles cotton: satin i decorative fabric (home decor) and knitwear: cotton (single jersey), viscose, brushed sweatshirt (brushed) and sweatshirt loop (french terry).

The collection is perfect for sewing both fabulous bedding for children and babies from premium cottonand for sewing sweatshirts, blouses, leggings and T-shirts for small and large nature lovers.


Click on the selected pattern to choose a fabric / knitted fabric:

See what our premium cotton looks like, printed in one of the patterns from the Forest Animals Collection:

Get inspired by sample combinations of patterns from the Forest Animals Collection and from other collections:

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