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CollectionPantone Viva Magenta” House of Cotton is a line of cotton fabrics with printed patterns in a shade of magenta: red tinted with amaranth.

Viva Magenta is a shade of magenta that is an intense and vivid shade of red. It is a shade that is very visible and attracts attention, making it perfect to use as an accent color. Viva Magenta is also associated with emotions such as joy, energy and enthusiasmmaking it a suitable choice for projects that want evoke positive emotions.

The patterns in our collection are geometric, in two style variants: classic and watercolor (watercolor). Digitally printed patterns include polka dots, circles, stripes, zigzags and triangles. Geometry and pleasant regularity designs are associated with modernity and timelessness. In addition, the intensity of the Viva Magenta color is unobtrusive thanks to calm and rhythmic geometric patterns.

Fabrics and knitted fabrics from the Viva Magenta Collection are soft and pleasant to the touchwhich gives a sense of comfort and pleasure while working with them.

The print is made with the highest precision, which brings a sense of satisfaction with the accuracy and quality of work. There are patterns expressive and durablewhich makes you feel proud of the final result: whatever you don't sew, it will be effective!

This collection ideal for creating clothing and accessories, for example:

  • shirts, blouses, dresses as well as patchwork and home decor items if you choose premium cotton, i.e. cotton satin,
  • T-shirts and hats if you choose cotton jersey,
  • fitted blouses and dresses in the case of exceptionally pleasant to the touch viscose fabric with elastane,
  • sweatshirts and sweatpants if you prefer tracksuit fabric,
  • elegant tablecloths, curtains or decorative pillowcases if you choose thick premium cotton, i.e HD fabric (home decor) or len,
  • delicate swaddles for babies in the case bamboo fabric,
  • glamorous cosmetic bags, handbags, backpacks and kidneys, if you choose waterproof fabric.

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Get inspired by our combinations and configurations of woven and knitted patterns in the Pantone Viva Magenta Collection: