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Children's Room Collection (Nursery) was created for a cozy, warm and adventurous children's room, which we all dreamed of as a child.

You will find here delicate, pastel, soothing patterns. Not to wake you up and not distract you from games and educational aids during the day.

Aesthetic patterns that shape the taste of a young person from birth.

Patterns magical, fairy-tale, bringing into the world of adventure, imagination and children's magic.

You can make beautiful bed sheets, blankets, sleeping bags, covers, curtains, decorative pillows, bags, and clothes for children.

And anyway: some of these designs are so cute and stylish that you probably want to wear them yourself!

Click on the selected pattern to see which pattern textiles i knitwear we offer it:

Balloons and Adventures

Pastel Airplanes

Graceful Unicorns

Fabulous Meadow

Sleeping animals

Pastel Hippies

Tropical Hippies

Bears in love

Little Elephants

Get inspired by our combinations and configurations of fabrics and knitted fabrics in the Children's Room Collection:

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