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Tropics! There is heat pouring from the sky, so one must seek shelter. Preferably in the shade of palm trees, in the middle of colorful rainforests, where the air is filled with the sounds of noisy but lovable parrots.

Are you looking for peace? Go to the river - you'll find dignified flamingos and herons there.

Our latest Tropical Birds Collection is a feast of colors and sounds. Perfect for summer - joyful and energetic, and at the same time light and colorful.

Click on the selected pattern to see which pattern textiles i knitwear we offer it:

Cactus Jungle

Flamingos and Succulents

Parrots and Toucans

Pastel Flamingos

Flamingos and Herons

See how fabulous the pattern from this collection looks live, e.g. on a waterproof fabric:

Get inspired by our combinations and configurations of fabric and knitwear patterns in the Tropical Birds Collection:

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