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Juicy watermelons, sunny pineapples, sweet peaches! Plus a fruit smoothie, refreshing lemonade with lemon and ice cubes, and delicious cherries. This is what we love for the spring and summer months - for the colors and flavors.

Our latest Vegan Collection will provide energy to everyone. If you dream about warming yourself in the sun of the tropics and picking grapes straight from the tree, reach for our fabrics.

Pastel lovers will also find something for themselves. Calm colors will bring harmony with the light note of the sun.

You can also find more fruit and vegetable patterns in our other collections: Watercolor Fruits and Watercolor Vegetables.

Click on the selected pattern to see which pattern textiles i knitwear we offer it:

Tasty artichokes

Grapes and Flowers

Mediterranean Lemons

Rainbow Fruits

Pomegranate fruit

Juicy Lemons

Watercolor Fruits

Watercolor Vegetables

Modern Lemons

Tropical Fruits

Pastel Citrus

Exotic fruits

Fruits and stripes

Get inspired by our combinations and configurations of fabric and knitwear patterns in the Vegan Collection:

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