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Our newest Winter Wonderland Collection is a real gem! For all those who crave the atmosphere of Christmas, magic, snowmen and the scent of gingerbread, we present patterns that will introduce you to the mood of festive anticipation just now.

It's as many as 87 unique designs where you will find everything that is associated with winter and Christmas, and even more!

❄ snowflakes

❄ stars

❄ poinsettias (aka the stars of Bethlehem)

❄ holly and mistletoe

❄ gifts

❄ Christmas balls

❄ gingerbread and cookies


❄ Christmas trees and spruce branches

❄ bells

❄ gift socks

❄ St. Nicholas

❄ snowmen

❄ leprechauns

❄ winter rink with an ice rink!

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