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Pop art collection includes patterns that refer to the style of the post-war years, pop culture, comic style and PinUp.

You will find both typical abstract pop art mosaics as well as comic-book themes along with superheroes of the type Superman or Spiderman.

You will also find abstract designs in 80s style reminiscent of the colorful and bold creations of the time, such as the Eleven clothes from the series Stranger Things.

You will even find here proposals for the youngest with superheroes in the girls and boys, real superheroes with a cape and a mask, saving entire cities!

There is even a reference to the icon of pop culture, i.e. a colorful portrait Marylin Monroe created by Andy Warhol.

I am curious what you will choose for yourself!

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The world of comics

Balloons and Lips

The 80's.

Retro mosaics


Get inspired by our combinations and configurations of woven and knitted fabrics in the Pop-art Collection: