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Premium linen

Premium linen is a 100% linen fabric with a typical linen weave: loosely woven and with charming threads of irregular thickness.

100% linen has unique natural properties. Thanks to this, linen fabrics are airy i isolate moisture. Linen clothes are there perfect for summerbecause they do not sweat, they are airy and transport moisture away from the body. Properties hygroscopic make it pleasant to wear also when it is cold, because by absorbing moisture, they insulate it from the body.

In turn, for children, linen is very much recommended both on clothesAnd bedding or other accessoriesbecause it is a natural fabric with antiseptic and antiallergic properties: linen not allergic, does not cause irritation, and that's what it is resistant against bacteria and fungi.

Premium Linen fabric (i.e. 100% digitally printed linen fabric) is therefore perfect for sewing mainly clothes, you most often choose linen for dresses for girls, airy summer dresses and elegant dresses for adults. Linen is perfect also for sewing shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers and shorts. We also recommend flax on bedding, especially summer, both for children and adults. Linen also works great on curtains i pillows decorative - linen fabrics give the interior character, elegance and naturalness.

The fabric is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (so it is XNUMX% safe for children and babies), while the print itself has, in addition to the above certificate, also the GOTS certificate (Global Organic Textile Standard), which means it is organic.

In addition, the digital print is made in the latest technology to guarantee durability and color fastness (the technology we use received the highest rating in the Washing ISO test).

1 pc = 0,5 m

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