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Chromotherapy (color treatment) - colorology - color, as a personality barometer 

Each person has individual preferences regarding the choice of colors - whether it is in the way of dressing or in arranging the apartment. To some extent, they may relate to our character traits, personal preferences, or inclinations. On the other hand, human exposure to specific colors can cause specific emotions, reactions, decisions or behaviors. Color is also a powerful tool for communication, influence, and pressure. It should not be forgotten that what colors we choose for our immediate surroundings has a huge impact on our mood and well-being. Not only the colors themselves are important, but also their shades, textures and proportions in which they were used and combined. So let's make sure that the colors that surround us have a friendly influence on us and harmonize everyday life.

  • WHITE - manifests the need for space. It is a symbol of freshness, simplicity and purity. It is associated with organized, elegant people who like order and are characterized by clarity of mind. They also have high expectations and don't always deal well with disappointment. White used in the interior effectively enlarges the space optically, but it should not be used excessively, because it may create the impression of emptiness.
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  • YELLOW - the choice of this color shows a strong need for contact with other people and fear of loneliness. People who like yellow usually like to learn and are happy to share their knowledge. They are optimistic about life, spontaneous and ready to act. An excess of yellow in a residential interior may contribute to nervousness and aggravation of depression. Therefore, it is worth choosing subdued and pastel shades.
  • ORANGE - people who choose this color usually have a good-natured disposition. They are caring, sociable and hardworking. They have a gift for winning over others. They strive to achieve previously set goals, are energetic and enthusiastic. They put their whole heart into the things they undertake. They accept all failures and adversities with peace. It is said to be the color most disliked by women. When used inside, it can affect the feeling of hunger, so it can be useful in the case of fussy eaters. Due to its intensity and boldness, it is recommended rather as an addition in the form of small pieces of equipment.
  • RED - liked by people who are physically active and emotionally involved in everything they do. It is characterized by openness, enthusiasm and passion for action. People who like the color red are usually the souls of the party who do not like boredom. They are assertive optimists who can solve problems quickly. Red can emphasize the character of a well-designed interior. It is helpful in treating depression, it speeds up the work of the heart and brain, and also gives self-confidence. However, it should be remembered that an excess of red can cause aggression, which is why it is not recommended for cholerics.
  • PINK - this color is associated with love, femininity and delicacy. The person who chooses this color is usually warm and caring. He cares for the welfare of his loved ones, for interpersonal relations and treats other people with kindness. He is happy to provide support, strive for peace, harmony and enrich the immediate environment. Inside the roses, it has a soothing and calming effect. It improves your mood and creates an optimistic outlook on the world. Shades of dirty or powdery pink will work not only in a children's room, but also more and more often in salons. However, as with any other color, you should exercise moderation so as not to create the impression of sweetness or kitsch.
  • VIOLET - the favorite color of perfectionists who are willing to help others, but when they themselves are emotionally safe. They have a sharp mind and accurate intuition. Violet attracts visionaries and creative people who are endowed with highly developed imaginations. It is attributed to magic and people endowed with supernatural power - wizards, alchemists. The purple color is full of contradictions, because depending on whether it is blue or red, we can get completely different styles - warm or cold. It is an elegant and mysterious color. Light shades of purple help to calm down and remove stress, while intense shades stimulate creativity and motivate to act. The violet-blue shade called Very Peri was hailed the color of the year 2022! This color is supposed to inspire and encourage bold changes.
  • BLUE - is a symbol of silence, peace, harmony, truth. People who like blue are usually sensitive, honest, loyal and pay attention to the feelings of others. They show inner and outer peace that allows them to act in stressful moments. They are trustworthy people who respect the rules. Often chosen by people working for or in the service of others. The blueness of the room optically enlarges and soothes the nerves and calms down. They improve concentration and have an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. It is the perfect choice for a child's room, bedroom or office. However, too many blues can be overwhelming and then it is worth betting only on blue accessories.
  • GREEN - chosen by people who are looking for internal balance and are characterized by great self-organization. These people are excellent at managing time and setting priorities. They're loyal, open-minded, reputable, and chaotic. People who like the color green usually have highly developed ecological awareness and are sensitive. They can also be jealous. Green, associated with nature, has a great calming effect. It is therefore recommended for overactive people who are looking for silence. It will work well in rooms for relaxation and rest - living room, bedroom. As with any color, also with green should be moderated, because too much may be conducive to laziness.
  • BROWN - is the color of people who show a strong sense of responsibility and take all obligations very seriously. They value practical solutions, are punctual, diligent and committed. They are sensible and you can count on them. It is said to be the color most disliked by men. It is one of the warmest colors associated with earth and naturalness. Brown properly and skillfully combined with other colors, patterns and textures will emphasize the elegance and exclusivity of the interior. In color psychology, it is a color associated with security and stabilization. It introduces a cozy atmosphere, making it a good choice for a classic interior.
  • GRAY - the color chosen by people looking for calm, relaxation and balance, who are characterized by composure, the ability to resolve conflicts, compromise and are able to maintain a balance. According to Pantone, gray symbolizes solidity, which is why it was chosen one of the colors of 2021. Gray is also referred to as the color of hidden emotions. The gray color has recently been very fashionable in interiors, because thanks to it you can create a very elegant arrangement that will perfectly match other colors. However, you should not overdo it with its amount, because it can cause melancholy and depressive states. It looks perfect with accents of vivid colors, such as yellow, red, mint and turquoise.
  • BLACK - black is the color most often chosen by serious people who are characterized by elegance and for whom quality and well-performed tasks are important. It is also associated with the color of sadness, mourning or isolation. Black is often combined with white, creating a classic B&W (black & white) combination, which is a symbol of classic elegance and is no longer associated with mourning.
Paulina Szewczyk - Sulej

Paulina Szewczyk - Sulej

Paulina graduated from the Faculty Textile Design and Interior Styling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. She designs patterns for fabrics and is a passionate and energetic person who constantly poses new creative challenges.

He is also interested in the reconstruction of historical costumes, old fashion, interior design, nature and a healthy lifestyle.