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Children's personalized sweatshirt with a hood


Children's sweatshirt with a hood and a kangaroo pocket, digitally printed and sewn especially for your order from a soft, brushed sweatshirt (the one with a nice nap on the left side).

Children's model: sizes 104 to 152.

Before choosing a size, be sure to check its dimensions in size chart.

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One of a kind children's sweatshirt

If you want your child to wear unique clothes that probably nobody else in the world has, you've come to the right place!

Soft and nice to the touch, comfortable sweatshirt with a hood and a kangaroo pocket - one that no one else has!

You can choose a pattern from over 2000 patterns available in our gallery.

The available patterns can be enlarged, reduced, rotated and you can add inscriptions, icons and filters to them.

You can even order a sweatshirt with each element in a different pattern or color!

Or you can print your own pattern, photo, drawing of the child - whatever your imagination or child's preferences tell you!

Sweatshirt in safety sweatshirt fabric

You will receive a sweatshirt made of brushed sweatshirt knit, i.e. with a nice nap on the left side (baja).

The hoodie has a hood tightened with a white string. The lining of the hood is also made of sweatshirt fabric, thanks to which it not only looks aesthetically, but also keeps the form better.

The sweatshirt also has a comfortable kangaroo pocket in which you can keep both hands and countless treasures;).

The material it is made of is cotton with an admixture of polyester - polyester is the basis of the inner layer needed to maintain the shape of the sweatshirt and avoid stuffing, e.g. on the elbows.

The sweatshirt is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means that it is safe for the skin of children and babies, and no harmful chemicals are used in its production.

Digitally printed sweatshirt

Your child's new sweatshirt will be printed exactly in the pattern you choose when using the personalizer.

We print digitally using pigment printing technology - if you do not know what it is, read the description what is digital printing.

Remember that the darker the print you choose, the more pigment will be needed to print it, which means that it will be felt under your fingers. The lighter the color, the softer the sweatshirt.

The print is also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, and also GOTS (organic) certified, which means that it is made using ecological paints (pigments) produced in accordance with the principles of fair trade.

How to order a personalized sweatshirt?

First, select a size from the drop-down list and then click the "Customize" button. A window will open where you can select a pattern from our library: click on IMAGE and then PICK FROM LIBRARY.

You can also upload your file (in jpg or png format) after selecting UPLOAD IMAGE.

After clicking on the selected pattern, press the INSERT button underneath and move it to the selected part of the sweatshirt.

The pattern adjustment window will appear: here you can increase or decrease it, as well as rotate it. If you want the pattern to repeat, click REPEAT. If you want the same pattern in the same scale to appear on all sweatshirt elements, you can do it with one click by selecting the ALL-OVER button. You can also edit the pattern (filters, text, shapes, icons) after clicking Edit / Filter.

You can also add text wherever you want on the hoodie by clicking the Text button. Enter your text, choose a font, color and size and click OK. Then place the created text in the selected place on the sweatshirt.

We recommend designing sweatshirts and placing orders on computers and laptops - it is hard to do on the phone due to the small screen size and less convenience of matching patterns.


Before choosing a size, be sure to check its dimensions in size chart.

Remember also that each sweatshirt is printed and sewn according to your guidelines, to order, so it is not returnable - please think carefully and check the dimensions in the size table - they may be slightly different than in other stores.

Instructions for use

We recommend washing at 40 degrees, or ironing on the left side.

Your sweatshirt is printed with pigment digital printing. Thanks to this, we can only produce one piece for you, which is not possible in other techniques, but also means that the material is covered with a layer of pigment and you cannot scrub it and rub stains against yourself with the right sides, because the print may then be damaged locally.

The print received a 5/5 rating in the Washing ISO test for 40 degrees and 4/5 for 60 degrees. This means that with normal machine washing at 40 degrees (without local rubbing), the print will not wash out at all. At 60 degrees Celsius, after many washes, it can be slightly washed out (although your child will probably outgrow his sweatshirt sooner).

After taking it out of the washing machine, smooth the sweatshirt as soon as possible and hang it without wrinkles.

We do not recommend the use of tumble dryers, because they lead to faster wear of clothes and loss of fibers (although children grow so fast that I personally always dry their clothes in the dryer, because then they are softer, and even so children grow out of their clothes faster than these will have time to destroy).

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