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Thick decorative premium cotton white


Elegant and strong cotton fabric 100% home decor.

1 pc = 0,5 m

Product available on request

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High-quality 100% cotton decorative fabric, i.e. upholstery or home decor fabric. It has a clear twill weave on the right side, thanks to which it owes an elegant twill or twill (gabardine) texture.

It is strong, but quite soft and fits nicely. I recommend it for curtains, tablecloths, decorative pillowcases, as well as for coats, bags, covers, etc.

The fabric is enzymatic, which makes it soft and nice and is in the color of optical white, i.e. without a yellow or cream shade. It has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.

This is the same fabric that is used to print our fabrics in the category Thick Premium Cotton.

Remember that the material is produced especially for you, in the spirit of zero waste (we do not maintain high inventory levels that result in wasted production), so it is not returnable.

The purchase unit is 0,5 m. If you need the entire running meter, add 2 pieces to the cart, and if, for example, you want to buy 2,5 m, add 5 pieces.

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Weight 0,225 kg