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Linen fabric Herbes de Provence on lime


Elegant, stylish and airy linen fabric 100%. Order the pattern in enlargement or reduction hereand if you want to change the colors then use of this product.

Fabric digitally printed with pigment printing. If you don't know what it is, watch it before ordering film about digital pigment printing.

1 pc = 0,5 m

Product available on request


This pattern belongs to the collection designed by our designer Paulina. See what Paulina writes about the Herbes de Provence pattern:

“Herbes de Provence is a spice I like and often use. I decided to focus on what is included in such a mixture, look at each plant separately and dress them all in one pattern with versatile uses. My goal was to thoroughly analyze individual herbs and carefully observe the individual features of their structure. The resulting pattern is very delicate and pastel. Various shades of green predominate, so lovers of this color will find something for themselves here. The "Herbs of Provence" pattern will be an excellent choice for decorating both the kitchen (curtains, tablecloth, table runner), as well as the living room or children's room in the Provencal, boho, eco/organic style. It will also work as a clothing fabric for people who care about nature.”

A delicate and naturalistic herbal pattern for lovers not only of spices and Mediterranean cuisine, but also for fans of botanical patterns. Sprigs of various herbs are presented on a warm, lime green background, and below you will find a link to the rest of the collection, where you will also find this pattern on other shades of background. See also other designs designed for us by ours designer Paulina Szewczyk-Sulej.

You will receive this pattern printed on 100% linen fabric, pleasant to the touch and airy. The fabric has a typical linen weave: loosely woven, with threads of irregular thickness. The fabric is quite soft, but becomes even softer after a few washes. Linen is especially recommended for sewing dresses and skirts, trousers and summer shorts, as well as shirts. Linen is also perfect for sewing bedding. It is a 100% natural fabric made of flax fibers and therefore it is recommended for children and infants: it does not cause allergies, does not cause irritation, is not susceptible to bacteria and fungi - it is hypoallergenic and antiseptic. Linen fabric is perfect not only for summer, because it is airy and absorbs moisture, but also in winter - due to hygroscopicity, it keeps moisture away from the body.

The unique and painterly pattern will work on any sewing you dream about and will certainly not go unnoticed. 

Remember that the material is produced especially for you, in the spirit of zero waste (we do not maintain high inventory levels that result in wasted production), so it is not returnable. 

The purchase unit is 0,5 m. If you need a whole running meter, add 2 pieces to your cart, and if, for example, you want to buy 2,5 m, add 5 pieces 🙂

See this pattern printed on another woven or knitted fabric.

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