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Waterproof white fabric


Strong and durable waterproof fabric 100%.

1 pc = 0,5 m

Product available on request

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The fabric is completely waterproof, strong and durable.

It is ideal for sewing bags, toilet bags, cases, kidneys, sacks, covers, lunch boxes, backpacks, as well as the top part of sleeping bags for baby prams and muffs, as well as stain-resistant tablecloths, or accessories for animals: bedding, rings and leashes.

We also recommend it for finishing garden furniture and upholstery cushions on the terrace due to its resistance to weather conditions.

It is quite stiff, so it will successfully stiffen a purse or a cosmetic bag, giving it the desired shape.

This is the same fabric that is used to print our fabrics in the category Premium Waterproof Fabric.

Remember that the material is produced especially for you, in the spirit of zero waste (we do not maintain high inventory levels that result in wasted production), so it is not returnable.

The purchase unit is 0,5 m. If you need the entire running meter, add 2 pieces to the cart, and if, for example, you want to buy 2,5 m, add 5 pieces.

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Weight 0,15 kg