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How to reach the customer?

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April 26 (Tuesday) at 20:00


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This is for you if:

You run an online store with physical products

You have unique products in which you put your whole heart, but hardly anyone seems to appreciate it and still only ask: "why so expensive" or at all nothing happens, nobody likes, doesn't ask, doesn't buy

You know your product is good, but your customers show up less often than you expect and you don't know what to put your hands into reach more of the right people

Or maybe you are selling, but you know you could significantly increase your sales and go in with your business to the next level

You sacrifice plenty of time for publishing in social media, you take photos, stories, rolls, and you still don't see any increase in sales

You need strategy and guidance to know exactly what to do, not to work more, but smarter to do do only what will work in your business (i.e. sales, not likes - you will not feed your family with likes)

It's not for you if:

You sell what other stores also have, you compete, for example, on Allegro by selling generic products - here the strategies of reaching will be completely different

You have no problems with selling, on the contrary: you have more orders than you can fulfill - if that's the case, write to me at - this webinar is not for you, because you need optimization and automation, and this is my hobby, so I will be happy to help you with that!

What will you learn:


  • How to get to perfect client, that is:
    1. Jak identify which client will be perfect for you
    2. How to make him see yours at all message
    3. How to construct this message to convinced it can be purchased from you
  • What are the most effective ways of communicating with potential customers
  • Why what works for someone else not necessarily will it work for you?
  • How to check what will work for you i don't waste any time for ineffective actions?
  • How to tell which 20% of the actions will bring 80% of the effects?

I will conduct the webinar, that is:

Dorota Puchlew-Grzelak

For almost 10 years I have been successfully running the House of Cotton store with fabrics and knitwear.
During this time, I changed my business model twice to keep up with the changes on the market and better adjust my business to my preferences and values.

I am also involved in several other business ventures, incl. online store with teaching aids for children.

Previously, I worked as a stock market analyst and dealt with, inter alia, commercial companies.

And even earlier, I graduated from three faculties at the Warsaw School of Economics.

In addition to almost 20 years of experience in the world of business and commerce, I would like to share it with people who create their unique products and want to learn to sell them more effectively, reaching the right customers who need them.

Free webinar

How to reach the customer?




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