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Premium cotton swallows for a child

Spring is a state of mind - in this collection you will find sun, flowers and fresh air all year round!

In the latest You will find the Spring Collection beautiful flowers, pastel colors, wonderful butterflies. In a word, everything that is associated with this time of the year.

Among the flowers you will find both typical spring crocuses, daffodils and lilacs, as well as elegant protee, roses and cherry blossoms in the Far East. You will also smell the lavender and hear the bees buzzing.

Fabrics perfect for creating unique and fun-filled collections.

Already have an idea how to use them? 🙂


 Click on the selected pattern to see which pattern textiles i knitwear we offer it:

Elegant Protea

Cherry blossoms

Electric Butterflies

Rich Roses

Early spring

Secret Garden

Tulips as Painted

Floral Love

Retro Bees and Flowers

Fragrant Lavender

See how these cute designs look when printed on premium cotton:

Get inspired by our combinations and configurations of fabrics and knitted fabrics in the Spring Collection: